Black is the new black

Black – we bring your brand to life

We are Black because we are fashionable, yet also evergreen. What we create is stylish, but built to remain relevant. We work strategically with corporate identity, concept development and branding, and we execute these strategies through the innovative and confident use of graphic design, campaigns on print and social media, web design and client publishing.

We have worked with both small start-ups and global corporations, and with both highly specialized companies and world-famous brands. We would love to work with you, too.

360 degrees of Digital Marketing

In short terms, we can help you with any kind of digital marketing. It’s all about being visible the right places, at the right time – and that is what we are all about.

Let us help you lift your business today.

Create this  |  Design this  |  Think this  |  Black this

Concept Development

You have a great idea? We will help you shape it and give it life, so it can become a powerful living thing that will dazzle the market.

Thinking in concepts and turning them into reality is a part of the Black DNA and we have a lot of experience in taking a kernel of an idea and turning into a living breathing thing.

We have  created several brands of our own, so we know exactly how to turn a concept into product. We have the experience because we have done it ourselves.

Creative Direction

Our team of experienced editors, project managers and art directors will keep your project on track, always ensuring that the final product will be unique and make you stand out in your respective field.

With Black in your corner, you can put your trust in a creative and experienced partner that will execute your vision flawlessly.

Graphic Design

Our design is elegant and sophisticated and effective. We work with design strategically – crafting solutions that strengthen your bottom line.

We will always try to challenge your brief and use our experience to give you more than what is expected, creating a design that will make you stand out, while also enhancing the way your customers perceive your company.

It is the alpha and omega that a brand and visual identity is instantly recognizable, all the way from the logo down to a single Facebook post or tweet. When Black makes a visual identity, we focus on every detail.

Social Media

Get to know your audience, engage them, inspire them and sell more!

At Black Ping, we creates online marketing strategies based on the tendency in the market, we will make sure to promote your business to the right audience who has interest in your products/business. We collect data from your website, social media channels and build segments of people with the biggest interest in your product/business.  

When we got the segments, we can create targeted ads, post, content etc. and make sure the right people is seeing your message – its all about targeting the advertisement, the right way on the right time, to the right people.


Problems with your website? Do your customers like your website?

We analyse your visitors behaviour during the visit on your website, to figure out what they demands are and whether or not, they are finding what they were looking for. Its possible to optimize the existing website through heat maps, analyses and our experience.  

If wanted, our talented team of web, marketing and art directors will design and create a customized website, for you and your brand.

E-mail marketing

Got emails? Its very important to keep in touch, with your email list

The news stories in your business is useful info for your clients. At Ping, we create all kinds of newsletters to maintain the connection between you and your subscribers.

We can create automated e-mail flows, trigger emails based on behaviour on the website, send out relevant content to customers, which most likely is interested in it – based on their purchase or general behaviour or click pattern on your website or previously sent e-mails.  

We love a greasy danish.


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